Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Numbers

Hello all. I'll be posting Day Thirteen's entry in a few hours (after, uh, I play it), but in the meantime, here are some crazy numbers that I got out of Cartograph! Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the map image to work properly (the image is meant to be at a resoluton of 10,400 x 800!) but I was still able to get these somewhat staggering numbers:

Map surface is: 4067328 square meters
Block amounts:
Air: 232479463
Stone: 228580339
Grass: 2574844
Dirt: 24419180
Snow: 0

Water: 7168713
Ice: 0
Lava: 1529851

Obisidian: 19390

Trunk: 77514
Leaves: 841805
Wood: 0
Cactus: 107

Sand: 1658828
Gravel: 6888716
Clay: 1851

Gold Ore: 117778
Iron Ore: 1126973
Coal Ore: 2453311
Diamond Ore: 48835
Redstone: 392466

Cobble: 41748
Glass: 12
Cloth: 0
Gold: 0
Iron: 0
Diamond: 0

Farmland: 0
Crops: 0
Reed: 180
Torch: 178
CraftTable: 2
Chest: 569
Furnace: 1
Wooden Doors: 0
Iron Doors: 0
Signs: 11
Ladder: 0
Railtracks: 0
Wooden Stairs: 0
Rock Stairs: 0
Lever: 0
Buttons: 0
Pressure Plates: 0
Redstone Powder: 0
Redstone Torches: 0

Mountain Guru Pig: 1


  1. The pig was an option? I am very impressed. Mountain guru pigs amazing powers have moved so far that he has reprogrammed cartograph.

  2. That is a lot of valuble minerals.

  3. That's a pretty big world full of a lot of interesting things. But 569 chests? Assuming you've only left one or two behind each night, that means you've passed a heap of dungeons O_O

  4. Clave: My thoughts exactly! At most, I have placed 12 chests, and I have only seen two dungeons with my own eyes at this point.

    Zipponicus: It sure is! But I am yet to lay my eyes on a single cube of gold, redstone, or diamond. Ah, the life of the nomad is a hard one...

    Barantas: If my journey has taught me one thing, it is to never, ever, underestimate Mountain Guru Pig's powers.

  5. Finding the statistics output of Cartograph is kind of scary

  6. Yup. Clay is rarer than diamonds, smothering my dream of building a red-brick suburbia.

  7. Maybe the chests are the ones generated in the dungeons.

  8. Clay's a funny one. All the clay I've got has appeared randomly in places where it wasn't there before. It's not even been that far from my spawn.

    Shame it doesn't tell you how many monster spawners there are.

  9. Can't wait to see the map. I love maps.