Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Seven

As the moon set and the sound of zombies burning welcomed the morning, I christened my new bow with its first kill.

I feel less bad about killing those spiders now.

I collected the feathers and the arrows from the dead zombies and skeletons, climbed up the hill, and finally walked through my hole. It was time to move on. Looking ahead, it seemed the terrain would let me pass for once.

A clear path.

To the south, some pigs were chilling out in the shade of a tree. This isn't important, but I found observing them enjoyable for a time. I couldn't say why. They just seemed very relaxed and content under their tree.


Leaving the pigs behind and approaching the valleyit turned out to not be the easy path I thought it would be. Just beyond the crest, it sunk sharply into a ditch. Still, it was nothing a spade could not deal with. I even found some coal.

Up the opposite side, the land opened into rolling hills with some towering monuments to the north.


Moving along, the land opened up and flattened out. I even found a few mushrooms in the shade. The next night I could make up some stew to replace all the food I devoured after the zombie ambush.

As I walked, I could feel another ocean growing near.

Another clan of shade-pigs.
The sea!
Sure enough, there was the ocean. On the sand, though, was a small cave. I decided to have a quick look and was fortunate enough to find some iron. Along with the mushrooms, the store that the zombie had destroyed was slowly being replenished.

I did not go any deeper. In fact, the thought of going deeper didn't even cross my mind. Perhaps I was finally learning to let go of the underground. I didn't need diamond or gold, not where I was going. Rather, I returned to the beach, took out my workbench, and crafted my boat. Time to leave this land behind. Though, it turned out to be less an ocean and more a lake. My direct path east, however, was clear, so I kept my boat for a while longer.

I sailed between the islands and onwards until I hit land.

New lands. Again.
I did not leave the ocean behind, however. It continued to creep up from the south in small bays and inlets. I found one bay particularly scenic with its rocky outcrop. I could imagine a small harbour town being established on its beaches. Not by me, though.

You can practically see the ships sailing in.
I had made good distance today, at least double that of the previous day, surely. Yet, the sun was finally beginning to set and it was time to find shelter. But not before one last fortuitous find:

I'm eating tonight!
Mushroom in hand, I found a cavern and set up my torches. It was not a small cavern, however, and I explored the various paths quite extensively before I was convinced I was safe. I even blocked off the deeper cavern entirely.

Ain't no zombies sneaking up on me.
 I set up my furnace and began smelting the iron I found by the beach. Eating my mushroom stew, it hit me that it had been exactly a week now since I left home. This was a good day to end the week on, I decided. Not too eventful, but constructive. I had made good distance, found some iron and some mushrooms, and landed on a new continent.

I think I'm getting the hang of this.


  1. This is great. I wish I could start a game and find the remnants of a journey like yours, populating my island home with the remnants of another person's journey.

  2. Hey Jorge, thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying it. :)

    You have actually infected me with something of an idea. Perhaps once I die (or get to the dawn!), I could upload the map for others to download and follow in my footsteps (or to explore entirely different directions if I choose). Every night, practically, I build a chest and fill it with things I do not need in my inventory (mostly stone, coal, and some wood, but occasionally old tools as well). I think it could be really cool to make a journey and discover these bits of a past expedition.

    Some form of 'passing the torch on' at the end of this project is definitely something I am going to consider now. It could be really interesting...

    Thanks again for stopping by. :)

  3. This is great. I wish I could start a game and find the remnants of a journey like yours, populating my island home with the remnants of another person's journey.

    Kind of like the Dear Esther mod for Half Life 2.

    Just how much can you get on a Minecraft sign? I hardly ever use them, but it'd be fun if you could leave hints on them, like a treasure hunt. Hmmm. That'd be doable. If only I wasn't so lazy...

  4. This is cool, thanks.