Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Eleven

Realisation dawned on me with the sun: I had made a horrible mistake. 

Having crafted the last of my wood into sticks, I had none left to craft my sign. The sun was probably not high enough yet to be burning zombies and skeletons, but the morning was silent save the distant mooing of a cow. I broke down the glass and crept outside.

There we go!
I went back into my cavern to fetch my workbench and was on my way. Beyond the valley, the ground leveled out for a time.

Om nom nom!
Yet again, I found myself on the southern shore of the continent. If I didn't know better, I would suspect that I horizontal line could be drawn along the bottom of each continent and that they all line up perfectly. Or perhaps I just always drift to the south as I always tend to round mountains on the southern side. Perhaps it is just a left-handed thing.

The ocean.
Inland a bit, I found a spring under a small overhang. The water was trickling into a small cavern and continued through a tiny, single-cube split into another room. I decided to explore a little way in, but it dead-ended not much later.

Might as well check it out.
Looking back towards the exit.
No point carrying anymore coal.
Moving on, I continued along the coast.

Not much of a beach..
It seemed as though the land would soon enough give away to another ocean. The hills flattened out and the grass spread sparsely between banks of sand.

Over the next small ledge, I came across a broad lake ringed in sand. It reminded me of the lagoons you see by the beach at low tide. The ones of stagnant water the children too young for the waves swim in.

East across the lake.

Beyond the lake, there was no more land directly west. Several islands of sand pocketed the ocean, but the only substantial land was to the north. Though, it looked as though it may hook back into my path eventually. I didn't feel like making yet another boat, so I waded towards the northern island.

Looking east. No land.
North it is, then.
Got my feet wet a bit. Beats another boat, though.
The island's hills fell back northwards, but a flat slither of land did indeed creep back east and south. That would be my path. As I walked, I noticed quite the abundance of animals.

Some kind of pig and sheep convention.
There were animals everywhere. Somehow this is the only photo I managed to take of them, but there were also quite a few cows, and a small hill with no less than seven chickens waddling around together. I'm fairly angry at myself for not getting pictures of them, though. Still, it was fairly cool. As the sun began to sink, I left them behind and followed the land back south to my eastern path.

The land swinging to the south.
Looking south east.
The sun sinking back behind me.
I had made decent ground today but overall, it had been pretty uneventful. Perhaps it just felt uneventful after the adventures of the past two days. Still, beside some sand, I had not seen too much that fascinated me. I would have to make camp before too much longer, but I decided to press on just a bit longer--if for no other reason than sheer apathy at my current surroundings.

Back to heading east proper.
Was sure to grab wood for the morning's sign this time.
I decided i would head over one more hill and then find somewhere to make camp. It didn't matter that nothing exciting had happened today. I needed normal, boring days so that I could compare the awesome days to something, right?

Anyway, I crested the next mountain and instantly forgot my musings.
A picture-perfect canyon. Alas, I had no time to explore it today; it would have to wait until morning. I worked my way down to the water, crossed, and dug into the stone. Clearly I chose the right spot:

Oh. Hello there.
Safe for the night.
I was eager for the morning. I wanted to explore this canyon and the waterfall. On edge from my uneventful day and exhilarating dusk find, I decided to spend the night mining. I went to the back of my little cave and started going down. I went fine for a while, finding more ore and coal. Then I hit a cavern.

A hole...
Looks pretty big...
So, so tempting...
I looked into the darkness for some time. Eventually, the sounds of clanking bones convinced me to go no deeper. I wasn't going to get myself killed beneath the unexplored canyon and waterfall I knew were right above me. I blocked off the cavern from my mine with some stone, and returned to my camp. By the time I returned, the moon was low, and I had plenty of iron that needed smelting before I could go on. I started the furnace, made some new picks and my next sign, and watched as the moon sunk below the trees.

Almost time...


  1. cool little adventure you're having mate, keep going!

  2. You've convinced me: I'm now playing Minecraft. Day 1 was a steep learning curve but I'm beginning to enjoy the adventure.