Towards Dawn is a travel diary about one miner who left the life of a miner behind to explore his world. It all began when he saw this video:

The miner realised that his head had been in the sand (and the dirt and the stone) for far too long and that he was missing out on an entire world around him. So he set out to make amends. No more would he waste his days beneath the surface. He would head east, towards the sun, and see everything his world has to offer.

And so it began. This blog is his day-by-day account of the things he saw and the adventures he had. 

Notes: The game is Minecraft, and if you are yet to play it, you really should go play it right now. I started playing this game on normal difficulty, but changed to easy after the first night. And then i changed the difficulty back to normal at the start of the second week.

This is kind of a perma-death experiment, but not intentionally so. We'll see how it goes. If I die, then I will be back at the beginning and the journey, for what its worth, will be over. When that happens, I plan on compiling a pdf-book of the entire adventure.

I also have a real blog with all sorts of game writing at Critical Damage. It is kinda way cooler than this place. Just saying.