Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Fourteen

Time to move on.
The last hours before dawn, I could here zombies and skeletons outside. I wasn't sure if they were downhill on the grass or directly above me in the tunnel. Last thing I wanted was to knock out the wall and have a zombie land on me. I stood back as far as I could as I opened my cave up to the morning.

No zombies yet...
I walked out of the cave backwards, sword in hand. The tunnel was empty. I crept to the ledge and looked down. Sure enough, a zombie and a skeleton were both trying to jump up at me. But both were on fire and dead moments later.

Burning zombie arm.
So on we go.
I worked my way down to the beach and pulled out my workbench to make a boat.

Wait. I'm missing something...
 ...and then I realised I had no wood. Whoops. The closest trees were back up the hill, so instead I decided to follow the beach north. I looked back at the baffling mountain one last time.

Goodbye, crazy mountain I once thought of as friendly.
Moving on, the ground was relatively flat for a time. The ocean followed me to my right, and several mounds rose to my left like giant termite mounds. Ahead east, what looked like a tall tower appeared on the horizon.

Mounds to the north.
Mountain ahead.
As I neared it. though, it became apparent that the vertical shaft was floating free of the mountain behind it.

The dirt bridge to the right of the mountain is cool, too.
I was temped to head north and get atop the mountain just to walk across the dirt bridge, but getting to it could take some time. Instead, I turned to the south where it looked like I may be able to walk around the mountain.

More sheer walls. Looks like a Mario level. South, though, was a way around.
Beyond the mountain was smoother ground with rolling hills and the occasional mountain to the north.

An easy stroll.
A deep valley to the north.
Some more cliffs, but not blocking my direct path.
And yet more easy going.
The day went on like this for some time, and I made good ground. Then I came across a small cavern beneath an overhang and, for the third time since leaving home, spotted the telltale mossy cobblestone.

The cavern is beyond the small pyramid-hill, center-left.
Just a quick look...
Two chest and a spawner. But no mobs?
I drew my sword but did not move any closer. There were no mobs at present, but they could spawn any moment I made a deal with myself: if they were zombies, I would take them out and attempt to get to the loot; if they were skeletons, I would flee. I simply cannot take on a single skeleton without losing a lot of health. I held my sword and waited.

...and waited. Nothing spawned for quite some time. Perhaps the spawner was broken? I took one hesitant step forward. I heard the bow 'twang' before I even saw the skeleton. That was all I needed. I bailed.

I ran quite far, looking over my shoulder constantly for an army of skeletons that I was certain would be following me. It would not be an exaggeration to say my heart was pounding. Skeletons are serious business when you can't afford to die. I moved on.

The ground continued to be flat and green and hilly. It was quite nice, but doesn't make good adventure juice. After a while, though, i spotted this mountain to the north, pocketed with little caves.

Kinda cool.
But I didn't explore it. I kept on walking.

Looking east, down a hill.
Back west up the same hill. Sun is getting low.
In the distance I could see a lake on the horizon. But closer, and far more exciting, was a whole gang of chickens! Or ducks. People seem to disagree on this.

Hey guys! There were more behind the tree, too.
Approaching the lake.
Before the lake, I found a shaft sticking into the ground. Fortunately, I didn't fall in. But I did get close enough to have a look:

I see iron...
It had been some time since I found iron. I was not running out (I still had at least 50 ingots in my inventory), but I would like to replace my armour and tools soon enough. I looked back west at the sun.

Plenty of time... right?
I decided I would be fine. I jumped down into the shaft. I walked along for a while and placed some torches, mostly to ensure no zombies ambushed me again, but also to check for more potential iron veins. Alas, I found none. I did, however, find a crevasse leading down to a deeper cave. I decided to leave that alone.

Deeper down is not my way.
Just get the ore and get out of here, Brendan.
The sky was darkening as I climbed. Surely I had enough time to find a camp site...

...Okay. Perhaps not.
I was growing anxious. It was getting darker by the second now. I rushed down towards the lake, looking for some cover.

Nothing here...
Ah-huh! A small cavern! (looking back south and west)
I rushed for the small alcove, desperate to get underground. I almost dived in without looking, but luckily had the foresight to place a torch first.

The 'alcove' was a deep shaft going straight down. This would not do. I needed somewhere small, secure, safe. I turned back to the lake.

This is NOT good.
I was beginning to panic. The moon was up proper now, and I was still wandering around the grass like a stupid cow. I was considering just digging straight down into the ground when I heard the sound I had been most dreading: a twang.

Skeleton in the water!
It was too late. The mobs had found me. I started to flee back north around the lake. I could hardly see. I got stuck on a ledge I could not jump up, and a creeper exploded right behind me, denting my armour and taking me down to three and a half hearts. I got myself unstuck with the help of a torch and rushed on. I could hear skeletons, zombies, and spiders behind me. Another creeper was bobbing up and down in the middle of the lake. An arrow flew past me. 

I was screwed. Completely screwed. Even if I found a cavern now, I could not seal it up before the mobs overtook me. Could I just keep running all night? Doubtful. Before long a skeleton or creeper would surely ambush me from the front. And in the dark I would probably trip and get myself cornered in a ditch. I really had no options.

There was one other option, though. Once I was certain I had put some distance between me and the skeletons, I quickly opened my inventory. At first I couldn't see them and thought I had left them at my last campsite but sure enough, there they were: 25 cobblestone blocks. I quickly set them to my hotkeys and ran on.

 A bit later I stopped, looked down, and started building. I raised myself on a tower 15 blocks high, jutting out in the middle of the forest. And there I sat for an entire night as the moon passed slowly overhead and the mobs congregated around me. They knew I was here, I didn't doubt it for a second. At any given time I could see a dozen zombies and skeletons, and half a dozen creepers. 

It's dark, but you can see them if you look closely.
At least when I spent the night in the boat I was able to keep moving forward slowly. Here, I could not move at all. I stood perfectly still on my single cube, watching the moon and watching the mobs. It was going to be one of those nights...

Go away! Go away!
At last! But what to do about all the creepers...


  1. Oh man, I thought you were a goner!

    Why not just dig straight down 2 or 3 blocks and/or cover yourself in a mini house using cobblestone? Should keep the mobs out...

    I think!

    Anyways, keep up the excellent work!

  2. So did I!

    I did consider a hole, but I was afraid a mob would fall in with me before I got it covered up. A tower seemed safer.

    Though this implies I was thinking rationally, which I certainly wasn't. "Freaking out" would put it more aptly.

  3. So glad you survived. Enjoying the adventure tremendously. I thought you were a goner there as well - was on the edge of my seat!

    Haven't seen a dungeon myself yet. I will definitely have to try it sometime.

    Now, anxious to see you take care of the creepers and get safely on your way again!

  4. good luck man ,loving this story, working on a massive mine right now, maybe ill do something similar :) keep up the good work and dont die

  5. Got any ammo for that bow? Thats about the only option.

  6. Cool finish dude, you could've used crouch a build a platform to a do a bit of forging though ;)

  7. I did this before, but it was on top of about 6 or 8 cloth blocks. Just high enough to be out of reach of skeleton arrows, but not high enough that they wouldn't keep trying to shoot me. All night long.