Monday, November 1, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine

There's something odd about the grass...
The world I woke up in was not the world I fell asleep in. Something had changed. It was in colour of the grass, in the quality of the morning sky.

Somethings don't change, though.
 I listened to the zombies burn, eager to step out into this new world. The creeper climbed up atop my camp and refused to come down. I waited a minute with my bow ready but he did not show, so I bolted for it. I was out of my cavern for a second at most when I heard the 'ssss' and the creeper exploded at my back. I quickly ate my mushroom soup and turned to see if there were anymore following me.

More creeper.
I took out the second creeper with my bow and turned east, looking out at the strange new world.

The grass was crisp underfoot, the trees all seemed somewhat browner than previously. But the landscape itself was not noticeably different. Over a small hill, I found myself looking over a small canyon.

I tired to head directly east through the gap between the nearer hill and the larger mountain, but that did not work out too well.

I'll just head through here...
...or not.
Instead, I headed to the north of the mountain.

That looks better.
As I reached the top of the mountain, I realised that in my bewilderment at my new surroundings, I had somehow completely forgotten to place my sign. Whoops.

There we go. Wait. What?
Yeah. That's better. (This was some time later)
Just over the next mountain, the landscape changed rather, uh, abruptly.

It was as though a god had cleaved a clean slice in the world, stretching as far as I could see to the north and south. I headed south to see if I could find the end of it. I found a 'corner' of the old world soon enough.

The cleft ends just beyond that hill.
I returned to where I first came across the cleft and jumped down into the water. Looking back, I could see pockets where caverns had been interrupted, veins of iron and coal, and a dribbling waterfall.

Looking north.
And south, past the corner.
I decided to head north to see what I could see.
And that's the northern corner.
I returned again to my eastern path and continued on. After passing through some huge trees, I came across an inlet from a northern ocean.

Greener pastures.
Nice and shady.
Where I need to go.
Ocean to the north.
One way down...
I swam across the water and climbed up the opposite side.

Up we go.
I would not have found my path across if not for this cow's ingenuity.
As I was jumping up to the next area of land, I glimpsed what at first I thought was the face of a creeper. But it was orange. I jumped again but I could not get high enough to see it. I would have to walk closer. I was pretty nervous. What new devilry is this? Some crazy orange mob out to get me. I gripped my spade (yeah, I wasn't really thinking) and headed forward.

Oh god what are they?!
So many of them!
About this time, I realised they weren't actually moving. A few more seconds and I realised what they were: jack-o-lanterns! I still approached nervously, afraid they would jump to life and attack me.

I took one with me and left the rest. Over the next mountain, I came to understand that my previous use of the term 'forest' had been hyperbolic, to say the least. Tree stretched to the south as far as I could see, and further.

Looking south.
South east from a bit higher up the mountain.
My immediate eastern path, though, was not so thickly covered. I could still see the sky as I walked and in the distance rose thin white lines on the horizon.

What's that in the distance?
 The soft crunch of grass is a sound that has constantly been with me on this trip. Even in my camp at night, others are walking on the grass outside. The only time I cannot hear it is when I am at sea. To have that crunching sound suddenly replaced with the soft thud of feet in snow was alarming. Truly, this was foreign land.

Looking north as I head up a hill.
Winter wonderland.
Whoah. Steady.
The snow thinned and I came across a large group of red mushrooms under some trees. Just as I started to pick them, the sky darkened. 

Lots of mushrooms!
Mushrooms will have to wait.
I dug down into the top of a small hill and covered the ceiling in glass so I would know what was waiting atop me in the morning.

Digging camp was hard when this amazing sunset kept distracting me.
All safe, but something is missing...
There we go. Happy Halloween.


  1. Get that jackolantern and put it on your head. Trust me. Or craft it with a torch under it.

  2. Wow! Never seen the world suddenly cut off like that. I found a snowy biome, but the transition was rather smooth. Never found any pumpkins, either :(

  3. What an amazing two days!!!

    First the lava/water fall and then the massive cut out. Completely amazing.

    I wonder if the cut out was a bug or just an amazing fluke.

  4. And you should do the pumpkin head, hit F5 and get a screen shot.

  5. Ohh you lucky devil, pumpkins are apparantly quite rare! You should have taken more whilst you had the chance, as also they seem to make light better than torches can (and work underwater too!).

    Also I had the very same giant cut taken out of the edges of my land too, just imagine a giant channel with woods on one side and desert/snow on the other side, even the trees were cleft in half! I also think you'll have noisier nights, there seems to be a lot more mobs spawning these days, even in areas I previously thought of as safe...