Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Thirty

Day Thirty. One more day and I would have been walking east for a whole month. Though, the spiders and zombies scampering over my roof seemed determined to not let that happen.

The sky grew lighter and the zombies burned. But the spiders remained and their interest in me did not wane. I walked back and forth in my room and the spiders followed me atop the glass. The moment I smashed a single block they would be atop me. I needed an alternative exit.

Digging east.
I knew the hill dropped just to the east so I dug that way and opened a new door. The spiders were still following me above and would still drop on me the moment I exited, but at least I would have somewhere to run.

Here we go.
I bolted. One spider dropped on me instantly and got a couple of hits in, dropping me a few hearts. But as usual, within seconds they gave up on their chase and grew disinterested me.

Silly spiders.
Before heading on, I ducked back west to the edge of the snow to pick the many red mushrooms I had left the previous evening.

Om nom nom.
Let's do this.
Heading east, scattered pockets of snow spotted the landscape.

Heading east.
An ominous cave. I left it alone.
Soon I came across an ocean. I was about to put down my workbench and build a boat before i realised that I wouldn't have to this time.

Ocean ahead. Time for a boat.
Hmm. Perhaps not.
Oh gosh, please don't break!
Looking back west from whence I came.
The next continent was green for a time, but snow-capped mountains were visible on the horizon.

Distracted by the mountains, I came within a single cube of possible death.

That was too close. This picture doesn't really show just what a drop this shaft was.
The ground rose gradually and the snow once again became more consistent.

Another shaft.
Snow is getting thick.
Through the woods.
Another ocean. Won't be walking across this one.
There would be no avoiding the boat this time. I swiftly crafted one and set sail. I could see a sheet of ice to the north, and it was not long before more land appeared to the east.

Mountains to the south-east.
I pulled up on the beach and continued east through the trees. A soft fall of snow was still scattered across the leaves and grass.

Woods to the north.
A frozen puddle.
Large lake to the south an the ocean beyond.
East, chickens!
Mountain in m road.
I walked up to the base of the mountain. The land before it was sundered with crevasses and canyons. I navigated around them to see if I could find a direct path over.

Watch you step.

Hmm. What if i try this...
Ow. No, that didn't work.
I gave up on finding a direct path and instead headed north to climb the more gradual foothills of the mountain.

Woods to the north.
Up we go.
Hello. What is that? (looking north-east)
A strange structure came into view to the north, unlike anything I had before seen. I decided to take a brief detour to check it out.

Well that is something.
I had hoped that it was floating, but instead it balanced precariously on a single leg of stone. It was a breathtaking sight that dwarfed the flattish lands around it. As I gazed at it, trying fruitlessly to capture it with a photo that would do it justice, the sky began to darken. It was time to find camp. I was struck with a somewhat ludicrous idea. Quick as I could, I gathered some dirt.

I don't have much time.
As the stars came out, I clambered the small mound beside the monument and built a narrow bridge of dirt across the divide.

This is quite likely the most stupid idea I have ever had.
Yep. Definitely a stupid idea.
I placed dirt and frantically jumped to the top of the monument. The view was breathtaking.

It did not take long for the fear to set in. What the heck was I doing up here? What if a mob spawned? Where would I run? What if I fell? I swiftly covered the monument and torches and dug into the 'ground' to make my camp.

Crazy? Undoubtedly. But still, I was camping above the clouds atop a bizarre monument. What would an adventure be without doing crazy things like this? The story, the fact I can say "I went there" more that makes up for the risk.


  1. It looks like you left your pumpkin behind, say it aint so. I'm also wondering if you'll run into any new mobs soon. Look out and keep travelling.

  2. I really doubt Brendan will run into any new mobs any time soon, unless hell gates can be found randomly on the surface. Actually I don't think many of the new stuff will affect his travels, crafting some of them requires materials you won't have access to above ground and stuff like fishing requires you to stand still. Of course, Brendan could build his own fishing hole if he has two buckets of water, so a handy food supply all night long!

    Also I think spiders can't actually fall through 1x1 holes, so Brendan coulda broken the glass roof and stabbed them in their soft underbellies. Maybe give that a try next time, and then creepers can fall through the hole instead...or it will turn out spiders can fall through a small hole and he'll be swarmed...

  3. Crazy, I went on a mini-adventure yesterday to find pumkins, and had two very similar events. First I was swarmed by spiders in the morning - though I took Malagate's approach first and stabbed as many as I could through a single hole before I ran. Second, I ended up seeing an awesomely high isolated tower, climbed up to the top using dirt blocks. Once it gets dark, it suddenly ceases to feel safe.... I ended up building a stone tower atop it to get me even higher in the sky (and for something to do overnight). Turns out I was only one mountain away from one of my 'homes', which I discovered two days later.

    Oh, and bet you're going to see a LOT of monsters in the morning... I spent a full day fighting and running from creepers after my first night on the peak.

  4. I totally want to see that Cartoghraph map :)

    will be so epic...

    this peak was monumental.

  5. I suggest you try and ride the waterfall down in the morning (supposing it ends in a lake big enough). That's probably the fastest and relatively safest way down. Do use air-control though, unless you want to accidentally kill yourself on a bit of land, like it happened to me when I jumped down a waterfall into the only river on my map - I struck the one place where there was no water and died - did manage to get back in time to gather my stuff which had washed ashore downstream, which is good because I would have hated to lose my diamond sword and pick...

  6. Here's some advice, tried and true: you can always build a tower to stand on all night, faster than excavating. About 8 blocks high did for me. I think your monument will be perfectly safe.
    Boring up there, though, and you'll have to clear away the creepers gathered at the base in the morning. You might want to build a ledge for crafting etc. Also, if you build next to a cactus you can be entertained by the mobs bumping into the cactus. Ever seen a zombie trying to climb a cheese grater?
    Also looking forward to your jack-o-lantern.

  7. @jellyfishgreen...

    thats what happened at 'camp 14'. he built a tower high enough, but he was stuck.