Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Fifty-Seven

The blizzard continued long into the night but let up as the moon was descending towards the eastern horizon. The moonlight covered the snow-capped mountains in an eerie blue light.

I headed off among the trees, keeping the ocean to my left. It threatened to twist around in front of me at some point (I had crafted a boat the night before for that very purpose), but a bridge of land to the north kept me from getting wet.

Chickenducks going for a swim.
Ocean to the east. Boat time, I guess.
...or not! Land to the north.
Heading north and around the bay.
 Through the slither of desert were trees unlike any I had seen before. They were huge, a violently bright green,draped in vines, and crowded into a thin area of land. It was some kind of jungle.

Crazy trees.
Looking north.
Struggling to get through the trees
The jungle looked to be mostly to the north, but the southern slither that I had to pass through was thicker than I originally thought. It wrapped around a second bay of water I had originally not seen. I deviated even further north to get around this one.

Slowly getting through.
I walked on east among the more normal coloured trees while the acid-green jungle followed me for a while to my north. Then I fell in a hole.

I could hear zombies and spiders in the darkness beneath, but peering down I saw no movement. I dug myself out and carried on. Shortly after, I was about to climb a small hill when I noted a chunk was missing out if its side. Peering in, the entire hill was full of lava.

I decided to walk around the hill rather than over it. Climbing the next hill, though, I found myself looking down at a massive inland lake.

Possibly the biggest non-ocean body of water I've seen.
Past the lake, I continued on through the trees and across the grass until the ocean finally caught up to me and blocked my path.

Swam across a river...
...but it was no use. Time for a boat.
Spied a mountain to the south as I left land.
Out of the bay...
...and across the ocean.
 It wasn't long before land appeared on the horizon, and I came ashore beneath more snow-covered conifers.

Pigs in the foliage.
Ocean continues to follow me to the south.
...and to the east, apparently.
I considered crafting another boat when, on the horizon, I could just spy a thin sand bridge connecting the two islands. I headed north and skirted the land.

Across the sand bridge.
And onto a new island.
The snowy terrain continued on for some time as I trekked east through the afternoon, and the ocean stubbornly continued beside me, the landmass never thickening out.

A large, stone plateau covered in snow.
Hit the ocean again. I turned to the south and followed the coast around.
Running out of land.
Sun sinking back to the west.
Sure enough, before much longer the island came to a point and the ocean encompassed old directions but back to the west. It was too late to start another boat trip so I built my tower and spent a second night in the snow.

The end of the island.
From whence I came.


  1. Always happy when you post these. SO, you found yourself a little jungle, huh? I was hoping you'd maybe even run into a cat there...

    Regarding your missing dog, I believe what happened is that it couldn't teleport to your position, as things only spawn on solid blocks, not in water. If it is any help: I don't think she drowned.

    Man, I hope you run into a more vast jungle some time soon...

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