Sunday, November 20, 2011

Days Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight

There are only so many photographs one can take of the ocean before they all look the same.

Day Forty-Seven. More ocean.
Day Forty-Eight. More water.
And so the ocean went on for two more days with no end in sight. Then, in the middle of the forty-eighth night, something miraculous happened. I stumbled out of my mind-numbed haze of just holding down 'w' as I realised why the stars were disappearing from the horizon: because there was a wall of land before me.

I tried not to get too excited. It could just be a glitched-out island. But I sailed north and south and the wall continued for as far as I could see in the darkness. See, over night, Minecraft had been updated to version 1.0. Was this another slab of new land with the updated version? Was this the end of my purgatory at sea? I dared not risk going aground at night to find out. Instead, I impatiently sat in my boat and watched the moon crawl painstakingly slow towards the western horizon.

And then:

A mountain!
 A mountain! Now I was certain. I had found the new continent. My week at sea was over. Once the sun rose and burnt off the zombies I would go aground and continue my trek in earnest.

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