Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Down off Your Pillar, Back on Your Feet.

I owe you an apology.

I never meant to abandon Towards Dawn. I don't think I ever anticipated just how much effort and time it would take to continue, nor how mind-bogglingly popular it was going to be. Since writing the last day waaaaay back in March, uni got intensely busy and I also started picking up more freelance writing work.

And I would have been content to just let it die, but two things happened. Firstly, to this day, people are still commenting on that final day as well as sending me emails, pleading me to continue with the journey. I don't think I could have ever convinced myself that this was interesting to anyone, regardless of how many page hits I was getting, without these comments. So thanks! Secondly, version 1.8 of Minecraft came out this past week and has rekindled my love of Minecraft something shocking.

So here is my promise to you: come mid-November, when I am no longer plagued with this thesis, I will climb down from my pillar, place a "Day Forty-Two" sign, and continue on my way.

How does that sound? If you can forgive me for abandoning you for so long, I'd like to have you follow me again.


  1. I saw this post're still in my RSS reader! <3

    Good luck with your thesis :)

    Somebody trying to resist the siren song of 1.8 himself

  2. Even though I had already heard, its great to hear officially this is up and running again. Well will be...

  3. Question: are you going to SPRINT now that you can in 1.8? And how will you manage hunger?!?!

  4. Looking forward to the next razor-straight biome boundary! (You're in my "don't miss" RSS widget.)

  5. Looking forward to it.

  6. Thanks all! Glad to see there is still an interest in this.

    Ben: Hunger is certainly going to make things interesting! Hopefully I can keep up my nomadic, hippy ways and not have to kill any cute pigs to stay alive, but I will if I must. If I remember correctly, I have quite the collection of mushrooms. That should keep me going for a while.

    I won't be making a practice of sprinting everywhere (too much to see!) but I might use it now and then if I need to get away from something or am crossing some boring, flat terrain.

  7. Yes, please do keep this going. We're still here :-)

  8. Wicked, I look forward to seeing this journey through to its completion. There's still so much blocky goodness to see!

  9. Awesome! Looking forward to the resumption of your journey.

  10. Keep it going. We love you for it.