Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Thirty-Eight

A star-less night.
The night was darker than usual. I could see no stars and not even the moon. At first I thought perhaps a large cloud was passing slowly overhead, but then, just before dawn, I realised I had just bumped 'F' and turned the draw distance to short.

If you look closely, you can just spy a zombie hanging out in the water below the tree.
This was the first night I had spent underground for sometime. I could not hear any mobs, but I still quickly turned as I left to ensure spiders didn't jump down on me.

All clear.
As I started east, the zombie to the north still stood beneath its tree, safe from the sunlight. Before I traveled behind the next mountain, though, it took one misguided step and flame engulfed it.

So long, zombie.
I continued east up and down hills through a thick wood.

Underground reeds.
I waded into the lake and looked closer at the reeds. Hidden behind them was an entrance to a deep cavern. I left it and continued on. The woods began to disperse as I headed east.

As the last of the trees were left behind me, a mountain raised up before me. And a creeper.

I climbed up the lower hill just to the south (above the creeper in the above image).  On the other side was more uneventful land, as well as the tip of a desert to the south near the ocean.

Looking south east.
I walked up and over another mountain and hit an ocean.

Up and over.
Boat time!
(Looking south-east) or maybe not.
I followed the sure around to the south towards the desert. I began to climb the sandy mountain and could spy the sand stretching off east, south, and north.

Approaching the desert.
Climbing up.
The desert came to an end in a valley of mountains and caves.

The desert continued off to the north.
Gravel pit.
Angry mountain! Grrrr.
I think the desert stretched back around east after it went off to the north and came back down towards me behind another mountain.

Looking north, the desert returns.
After deserts, mountains, and gravel pits, the flat nothing-ness beyond the waterfall was alarming.

Well that is a lot of... nothing.
Looking back over a mountain at the early afternoon sun.
This lake was probably the most eventful landmark in this area.
The ground must have been rising as I walked as I came to a ledge that looked down into a valley.

Heading into the valley.
Back west from whence I came.
I headed through the gap in the canyon, stopping briefly to pick up some more mushrooms in the shade.

More mushrooms! That is dinner sorted.
The ground rose gradually beyond the valley into another mountain. Down to the north I could see the beginnings of a snow field.

Snow atop the mountain.
Looking north.
The ocean came up from the south and threatened to block my path. Fortunately, it was nearly completely frozen over.

I headed north to move around the water and walked down onto the ice.

Looking back west. The day is nearly over.
Across the ocean.
I crossed over the narrow islands and the frozen ocean continued. I kept expecting it to break up and for me to need to swim, but the ice just kept going.

Beyond the islands.
Snow island.
I looked back behind me as the sky began to dim and could see nothing but ice.

I approached land at last, but the snow continued. My day, however, had come to an end. I planted my cacti on the beach by the ice and began to build my tower.

Tomorrow's land.
Setting up camp.
You can't have too many sunset pictures.
Up we go.


  1. Larger biomes... perhaps Notch is making good on his promises?
    Hey, it would be great if you could post the size of your minecraft world folder.

  2. hey just curious can we have another cartographer map image of this world at day 40? that would be great!

  3. My map was about 120mb last time I checked, but I haven't paid attention for a while so it is probably a fair bit larger now.

    I am planning on doing another map and video at Day 40. I tried at Day 30 but I had trouble getting the image file to work without freezing my computer. Hopefully I will have better luck this time!

  4. Big cool plan. Make a compas when you can, then east and see just how angled you are from your original spawn!

  5. A compass? How in the world would he get his hands on redstone?

  6. I think I should add a Tower-shelter tutorial blurb to the Minecraft Wiki. Looks like you're getting really good at it. Mind if I use your screenshot from here?

  7. Hey brendan! pick up as many snowballs you can and you can shoot mobs from atop your tower without wasting flint on arrows!

  8. wow this is as good as any novel I have ever read. You do a really good job of narrating your journey. I think the thing that makes it so good is that this actually happened to you you aren't just making up a story you are narrating your struggles and actually making us care whether you live or die. And unlike many other stories you stand a good chance of dieing because you are doing this in minecraft.

  9. do you have a rough estimate of when day 40 will be here