Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap: The First 20 Days

Got it? Good.

Also, Gerard Delaney was able to get a proper Cartograph map of the world thus far for me. I've annotated it with campsites and a few significant landmarks (but certainly not all of them). If you are interested, you can download the .png file here. And if that link on MegaUpload does not work, try this one on MediaFire.


  1. Awesome! I wonder how and when this epic journey will come to an end :(

  2. WOW. what did he used to make the map?
    I would like to make one for mah adventure...

  3. Anonymous (The Second One):

    It is called Cartograph, some guy on the Minecraft forums made it. It does a whole heap of nifty map things. You can find it here:

    Someone also made a unix version that runs on mac, but that version was having trouble with the huge size of my map.

  4. Nice. I love this.

  5. neither of the links work :(